Year ZERO, the start of a new era is about to begin

Year Zero
A combination of advanced technology and futuristic design, a turning point for the whole coffee industry. Dalla Corte Zero, the start of a new era.

Freestyle your extraction
Experience total control over the flow, thanks to the digital flow regulation, the profiling during extraction and the "freestyle" manual control by using the lever. We set zero limits - and you?

Classic or Barista?
Take centre stage with Zero Classic, a machine with strong personality and an eye-catching design. Or enter into a "zero limits" dimension to express yourself at your best, with Zero Barista.

Freestyle Water Flow and Real Time Weight

Fixed Water Flow and new independent groups

Cool Touch Steam Wands and new Cup Heater

Zero Anniversary is a limited-edition espresso machine with a unique design and exclusive materials. This machine bears one of the most significant details of the Anniversary campaign: the original Dalla Corte logo from 2001, Bruno Dalla Corte's signature.

Dark colors that recall a cup of espresso, it's Zero Anniversary Dark: dark walnut wood accessories and a new elegant brown copper finish for groups and side panels give an even more aggressive and refined look to this Zero.

To contrast Zero Anniversary Dark with Dalla Corte's fresh and light spirit, it's Zero Anniversary White: light oak woods, group heads and side panels in a beautiful satin copper finish, a truly unique material that makes this machine simply spectacular.

Technical specifications

2 Groups

Dimensions (l x h x p)
870 x 511 x 550 mm

85 kg

Maximum power
4,9 kW


Connected load
400 V 3 N

Boiler capacity
7,5 l

Ability of independent groups
2 x 0,75l

3 Groups

Dimensions (l x h x p)
1100 x 511 x 550 mm

110 kg

Maximum power
7 kW


Connected load
400 V 3 N

Boiler capacity
13 l

Ability of independent groups
3 x 0,75l

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